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Annette Burgess

The Univeristy of Sydney

APCOVE Joint Director
Professor, Medical Education

Dr Annette Burgess is a Professor of Medical Education, at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. She co-leads the Clinical Teaching Fellowship program. In 2016 and 2017 she led the development and implementation of the interprofessional Clinical Teacher Training (CTT) program for health professionals, and the Peer Teacher Training (PTT) program for students. She has received a number of University and national awards for her contributions to medical education programs and student engagement, including a Faculty of Medicine and Health Team Award for the Interprofessional Peer Teacher Training and Clinical Teacher Training programs (2018); Australian University Teaching Award (2015) for Programs that Enhance Learning; Australian Office of Teaching and Learning Citation (2014); and Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Support of the Student Experience (2013). She has more than 80 publications in peer reviewed journals. Her current research focuses on Team-based learning, peer assisted learning and faculty development, using research results to improve medicine and health professional curricula.