Dawei, Tanintharyi Region

Khin Ohnmar Lwin

Livestock Breeding & Veterinary Department

Tatintharyi Regional Head Director

Dr Khin Ohnmar Lwin is currently head of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department in the Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar. Dr Lwin obtained a masters degree (MVSc) in Animal Pathology, University of Veterinary Sciences, and a PhD in Molecular Ruminal Microbiology, Japan. Dr Lwin was working for more than 10 years in animal diagnostic laboratories, specialising in viral diseases, and spent 3 years working in a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr Lwin is currently working on FMD control programs with her team and also for the Tanintharyi region’s disease prevention and control management program, with head quarters and the regional Government.

Navneet Dhand


Meg Vost

Project Manager

Harish Tiwari

Post Doctoral Fellow

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