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Evan Sergeant

Ausvet Pty Ltd

Executive consultant

Dr Evan Sergeant is an internationally recognised veterinary epidemiologist who has made significant contributions to epidemiology and disease control in Australia and internationally. Evan has developed a wide range of epidemiological skills, particularly in the areas of disease surveillance and control, data management and analysis, simulation modelling and risk analysis. Evan’s other interest is in providing training for field veterinarians and other animal (including aquatic animal) health professionals in epidemiological principles, disease surveillance methods, risk analysis and practical use of R software for data analysis and presentation. Evan has run short courses on a variety of epidemiology and surveillance related topics in Australasia and internationally, including in developing countries.
Evan is principal or co-author of numerous peer-reviewed papers and is co-author of the introductory epidemiology text Epidemiology for Field Veterinarians: An Introduction, recently published by CABI.