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Tu Tu Zaw Win

Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department

Research Officer

Dr. Tu Tu Zaw Win served as a research officer at the Public Health Division of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar from 2014-2020. Dr. Tu Tu, is a former assistant lecturer at the University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar (2012-2013) after which she was appointed as a research officer at the research and disease control division at LBVD (2014-2018).

Her research interests are animal health and zoonotic diseases, risk analysis, the role of trading and movement networks in disease transmission, and estimation of the impact of diseases.

She graduated in 2010 and completed her master’s degree in 2013 at the University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar. In 2019, she obtained her PhD from The University of Queensland. Her postgraduate studies focused on the estimation of the prevalence, disease transmission pattern, identification of associated risk factors, active surveillance, passive surveillance, network analysis, modelling, risk analysis, public health concerns and the impact of diseases.

Currently, she is involved in a project called “Enhancing Veterinary Cooperation among Lancang-Mekong Countries for cross-border legal trade of animal and animal products”. From 2013 to 2014, she worked as a central person in a project funded by Australian Centre for International Research (ACIAR) called AH/2011/054 “Improving livelihoods of small-scale livestock producers in the central dry zone of Myanmar through research on animal production and health”.

From 2013-2019, she worked as an external lecturer in data management and basic epidemiology training at DSMRC and LBVD. In addition, she is currently supervising a master’s candidate working on an epidemiological study at the University of Yangon. She maintains ongoing partnership with public health partners by one health research collaboration and statistical consulting in medical research.